A delightful Antique item commemorating the Great Exhibition in Victorian London, published in 1851 and now over 160 years old. It looks at the Exhibition in relation to the bible and the christian faith, a very rare and very Victorian book.

it has an inscription from its owner in 1885, a fascinating historic item

An excerpt

The design of the Author in presenting the Bible as 'the Exhibition for all nations' was suggested by the the Exhibition for all nations erected in the Western portion of our Metropolis [London]. We may justly consider the philanthropy which gave origin to an object so august and comprehensive as an emancipation flowing from the religion of the sacred inspired volume.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 138
Published: 1851
Size: 5x3 Inches
Age: 167 years old
Condition: Greta condition for its old age, bindings strong.

Antique Crystal Palace The Bible, The Great Exhibition for all Nations 1851 religious book Paperback Green British Holy Bible


Antique Crystal Palace The Bible