Attractive vintage 1940s red handbook for Triumph Motor Cycles, a practical guide covering all models from 1937.

Includes the following contents:
> Controlling the car.
> Provisional Licence
> Parking, Maneuvering
> Passing the test, Hand signals
> Gearboxes and clutches
> Driving in traffic, tram cars & tracks
> On the open road, hill climbing
> The finer points of driving
> The sporting side of driving
> Motoring legal matters
> Motoring terms
There are also sub chapters in each of the the sections above, this book is a wealth of information.

Includes many illustrations relating to driving road control, parking and maintenance, with detailed descriptins

Format: Hardback
Pages: 8 x 5 inches
Published: 1930s
Pages: 140
Condition: Perfect condition, clean inside, no foxing, exceptional condition.

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How to drive Vintage Car Owner