This Book is a classic account of the life Of Nelson by Robert, Southey published in

Before us lies the valley of the Drave, one of those endless wildernesses where even the wild beast loses its way. Forests everywhere, maples and aspens a thousand years old, with their roots under water; magnificent morasses the surface of which is covered, not with reeds and water-lilies, but with gigantic trees, from the dependent branches of which the vivifying waters force fresh roots. Here the swan builds her nest; here too dwell the royal heron, the blind crow, the golden plover, and other man-shunning animals which are rarely if ever seen in more habitable regions.

Format: Hardback
Hardcover: 263 pages
Published: 1950s
Publisher: Jarrolds
Condition: Good, clean

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Midst Wild Carpathians Maurus Jokai