An attractive antique hardback book 'Outlines of the History Of Botany' published in 1919 and seen here in great condition.

A great factual book for any student of Botany and anyone interested in the history of the field.

Dawn of Botanical Knowlage - The herbalists
Plant Morphology and Anatomy
Founders of Natural Classification
The Pioneer investigators in photosynthesis
Robert Brown
Hofmeister on Vascular Cryptograms
The influance of the 'Oroogin of the species'
The Ascent of Sap
Modern views on the composition of Chlorophyll
The Pteridosperms and seed

Format: Hardback
Size: 9 x 6 inches
published: 1919
Age: 99 years old
Pages: 274
Condition: Great condition, clean, strong bindings

Outlines of the History Of Botany Antique 1919 Botany History Vintage book old plants Illustrated Green textbook science

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Outlines of the History Of Botany Antique 1919