An attractive edition that provides a wonderful anthology of prose from Mandeville to Ruskin published in 1912.

Includes Prose by:
Mandeville, Wycliffe, Chaucer, Thomas Malory, More, Latimer, Walter Raleigh, Sydney, Francis Bacon, John Sheldon, John Milton, Abraham Cowley, Dryden, Samuel Pepys, Daniel Defoe, Alexander Pope, Samuel johnson, William Cowper, Edward Gibbon, Jane Austin, Charles Lamb, Shelley, Charles Dickens, Ruskin, Charles Kingsley and many more!

Format: Hardback
Size: 6 x 4 Inches
Pages: 380
Published: 1912
Age: 106
Condition: Very good condition, clean inside. strong bindings.

Selected English Prose Mandeville to Ruskin 1912 selected Prose and essay book Antique Vintage green


Selected English Prose Mandeville to Ruskin 1912