A wonderful antique hardback book 'Verses and Translations.' published 155 years ago and in great condition.

Includes (but not limited to)
Gemini and Virgo
There is a city
Voices of the night
Ode to Tobacco
Dover to Munich
Carmen Saeculare
Translations from Horace
Translations from Vitgil
Translations from Lucretius
Translations from Homer
Speech Of Ajax.

A wonderful treasury of old verse in this unique book.

Format: Hardback
Size: 7 x 5 Inches
Published: 1862
Age: 155 years
Pges: 204
Condition: Great for its age, some foxing inside.

Verse and Translations 1862 Antique Poetical Vintage Book Vintage, gift, collectibles, Poet


Verse and Translations 1862