New Books In Shop

Hello and welcome to the second ImpalaPrints blog

we will start by highlighting some new books added to our site and to our Etsy page which you can view there.

We have used Etsy as site for selling our items for a good while now and have found particular success selling astronomy books. For instance this pocket sized Astronomy guide to the stars by Sir Patrick Moore. They really are wonderful items that make the best gift ideas for Birthdays and Christmas.

Another example new to our inventory is this rather odd book from the 1960s that warns in no uncertain terms of imminent alien invasion! We really love eccentric bizarre and unusual items at ImpalaPrints and this paperback fits all three. An item that reads like science fiction that claims to be science fact a great item for anyone into the paranormal or Ufo lore.

As our site is new and we wish to encourage new customers you will find all the items cheaper on this site! So don’t wait around grab a deal right away. We are really keen to grow ImpalaPrints and make strong new relationships with our customers.


Naked Cartography

The Shop NakedCartography is a side project of ImpalaPrints and is a dedicated shop to attractive and colourful vintage maps. We apply the same ethic to this shop but making it a separate entity means that we are able to focus on this particular niche.

The Images above give some examples of the vibrant vintage and antique maps that are offered there and we encourage you to have a browse.