Gifting Ideas Pocket Guides

Gifting Ideas Pocket Guides

Ladybird books – Observer Guides – Shown to Children – pocket Shakespeare

ImpalaPrints offer great gift ideas in the run up to Christmas this year and in this blog I present these attractive pocket guides that are perfect for gifting. With a vast array of subjects, themes and classics these pocket guides make a wonderful gift to suit a loved one perfectly.

Ladybird books and the Observer series were first published in the 1950s through the 60s and continue to be published today a testament to their reputation and popularity. The vintage editions that ImpalaPrints offer reflect the exuberance of that era in beautiful full colour.

The ladybird books were specially made for easy reading providing large size text and a full picture on each page. With so many themes you are sure to find one in our shop that would suit your friend down to the ground.

Observer books offer a detailed grounding in a specific subject and are often used as an introduction to that particular theme. The authors of these colourful books are often specially picked authorities in their fields these. This combination makes them high recognisable and collectable. These colourful books are a perfect gift for a loved one with an interest in the subject or entering the field.

The shown to children series are an older series of books produced from around 1900s that are a precursor of a kind to the Ladybird book. The attractive use of colour pictures and simple text make them highly suited to the younger reader. Today they offer a wonderful way of looking back in time to that period in our history and their beautiful illustrations are fascinating. There subjects include Trees, Flowers, Astronomy, Architecture, Butterflies and many more offering a detailed guide. Many of these books are over 100 years old and are a rare very old item that a loved one can cherish.

Another pocket book that we find has been very popular as a gift are the Pocket Shakespeare books, wonderful classic plays published in these softback red books in 1900s. These Shakespeare books make timeless classics, from romances such as Romeo & Juliet to the histories of Richard II to tragedies such as Othello. These books are intricately constructed and highly attractive and in great condition especially as they were published over 100 years ago.

I hope this blog has fed your interest in these great pocket guides you will find many available in our shop, also keep checking because they are updated all the time.