Full Title: The evolution of bird-song, with observations on the influence of heredity and limitation

An attractive and fascinating book published in 1896 and now over 120 years old. it goes into great detail about the nature, development and meaning of bird songs.

Origin of the voice
Alarm notes
Influence of Combat
The Call Note
The Simplest Songs
Noticeable incidents connected with bird song
The influence of Hereditary in the perpetuation of the cries of birds
Variation in Bird voices: its cause and effect
The influance of imitation in relation to Bird song
Music of Bird song

Published: 1896
Dimensions: 8 x 5 Inches
Format: Hardback
Age: 122
Condition. Good condition for its age bindings strong pages clean minimal foxing

The Evolution of Bird Song Antique Hardback 1800s Bird Spotting, vintage Book with colour Illustrations Ornithology vintage gifts guide


The Evolution of Bird Song