Picture Books

Antique books give us a rare view into the past, they connect us to places and a time that in our modern lives we often forget. Picture books are a perfect example of this, at ImpalaPrints with have quite the selection of city picture books from the 1940s. This book pictured below gives us a coloured look at London before 1940 a city almost unrecognisable 80 years on. The detailed illustrations show traffic of primarily horse drawn carts with the occasional auto-mobile while the Thames is pictured filled with steam cargo ships, barges and tugs.

Likewise we have many city picture books including at this time the cities of York, Winchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge. All have some truly wonderful illustrations a few of which can be seen below; all books are currently available as of now.

If you are more interested in natural landscapes then we also stock a few of the same series that cover Loch Lomond, Scotland and Dartmoor. These particular books make great gifting ideas and would be perfect at the coffee table to dip in and out off.

We also stock many other picture books from children's illustrated books to nature books on plants and animals many of which are over 100 years old.